DSSR - Created by Joe Bobowski, Jackson Perry, and Bradley Preiser

Cumulative Changelog (Sorted Most-Recent at the top):



Current Features:
-All Previous Features
-Added a hotfix for half day schedules so that they correctly display schedules



Current Features:
-All Previous Features
-Added a "having problems?" button that emails Mr. Gattuso with whatever people type in
-Restyled homeN.php
-Added minor visual tweaks across the site
-Added a link to the changelog



Current Features:
-Most previous feautres
-IP Tracking has been deleted as cookies are just obviously the better and less dangerous/invasive option.
-When you logout it now deletes the cookie that would auto-log you in.
-Cookies are still only used when sessions don't work.
-A bunch of console_log functions have been placed in various places in order to help us better understand what it always happening.
-homeN.php now has a piece of text underneath the dropdown (or underneath the "Current Day:" if a day is in the table) that says "The next school day is a(n) X (abcde) day" -fixed various bugs involving which row was getting highlighted at different times -added an "advertisement" for DAWN because we could



Current Features:
-All previous feautures
-IP Tracking wasn't working for iphones, but are still implemented as a less-invasive (maybe?) way of auto-login.
-Cookies have been implemented for users if their sessions/ip tracking doesn't work.
-This means that a cookie is saved when the user logs in of their id. If their id is in the table, it logs them in. If not, it does nothing.
-The cookie is deleted when the user logs out, and the log out now redirects you to homeN.php instead of login.php.



Current Features:
-All previous features
-IP Tracking! When the user registers or logs in, their ip is updated/replaced in the database. When the user hits homeN.php (the first page of the app) it will attempt to automatically log you in based on your ip address.
Later down the line (pretty soon) when you log in there should be a square clickable thing that says "Remember me." that turns on/off this feature. Not too hard.



Current Features:
-All previous features
-Red highlights on the L1/2/4/5 rows when there is a class during them -Added a failsafe so that if a user is already registered and attempts to register again it doesn't let them -Added visual tweaks and word choices to the password recovery pages



Current Features:
-All previous features
-Times within the default tables for A/B/C/D/E days -Some feature so that if the date is = 09/09/2019 then it displays a message in the top left corner (just the top on mobile) which could be used in future version for other date-based announcements
-Added minor visual tweaks and word choices to the password recovery pages



Current Features:
-All previous features
-A "Forgot Password?" link on the bottom of the login page
-Fixed a bug where when no day was in the database, day D would only show 1 row of the table

V1.1 Will include times within the default table



Current Features:
-At the top, when school is in session (there's a day in the database), it will display the current time. Otherwise, it will display "School not in session"
-A button that directs the user to the morning announcements
-When school is not in session (there's NOT a day in the database), a dropdown will display with the options to select days a/b/c/d.
-When school is in session (there's a day in the database), the day will be auto-selected by the program and the table for the corresponding day will be selected. There is no dropdown.
-Under the table, a button to change your password or logout will be present.
-If you are not logged in, a default table with only the blocks will be shown. Same rules apply for dropdown or auto-select with no dropdown.

Future Plans:
-Test to make sure half day/delayed opening(s) work when they're in the database
-Find some way to make the table look better on mobile devices (the app) and actually fit the device (we had this problem with tables on DAWN)
-Add e day/half day/delayed opening(s) options to the dropdown