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The Depression Anxiety Wellness Network (DAWN) was created to help students and adults who suffer from mental illnesses. Since then, it has grown to be a helpful resource available to everybody. With many different features, DAWN is a place where anybody can go to help themselves cope, breathe, or smile when life gets stressful.
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Caroline Shea
- Project Manager
Joseph Bobowski
- Lead Programmer
Jackson Perry
- Programmer
     The helplines and contacts within that page are all general helplines that should be able to assist anyone on how they're feeling at any time.
     The yoga page uses the zip code that you enter when you make an account to bring up specific yoga places or offers in your area. If you have logged in and you find that there are no specific yoga places in your general location, contact either Joseph Bobowski or Caroline Shea and we will look into your area and provide information. If you have not logged in and find there are no zip code specific results, that is because we have nothing to go off of and cannot find local yoga places without your zip code. The links at the top of the yoga page are at home stretches and yoga exercises that anyone can do.
     The breathing and grounding pages focus on mental health and mindfulness as a whole. This page provides techniques and strategies to assist with panic attacks that could be useful to help you through the attack.
     The journal page allows anyone to enter how they're feeling at any time. Your personal journal is stored to your computer where it can be accessed by you at any time. If the journal is not shown for you, then that means you must log in first in order to access the journal. If you find that you used the journal previously and you tried to go back in and got an error message, that means that you must have been logged out. Please follow the on screen instructions from the page to log back into your account.
     The settings menu allows you to change your first and last name as well as your password. To access settings, click the button above or the three lines in the top right corner of the screen and select Settings.
     The home page has a quote displayed in a blue box that is meant to make one feel motivated or feel better if they are feeling down at any point. By refreshing the page or returning from a different page, a new quote is randomly selected from a list.