The hub for Point Pleasant Borough's Advanced Software Engineering projects.

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"Some of my kids are working now for Google, for Apple, for Yelp. They make oodles of money, but they always know that the genesis of their work was doing good for somebody else.”
~ Nick Gattuso, Jr. (Advanced Software Engineering Teacher)


The Advanced Software Engineering Class is the brain child of Nicholas Gattuso, Jr. After years of working with Point Pleasant Boro HS to advance its computer science program, Gattuso was able to found three classes. The first is the computer science class where student begin learning java at its lowest levels. The next class is the AP CS A class, a class where students can learn more about java and problem solving, while also recieving college credit. Finally the last class is the advanced software engineering class. This class is the final stop for students (typically seniors), where students can stretch their minds and create whatever products they want, as long as it benefits society.

This class has over the years created many projects including the award winning PALS app and the Point Boro iPhone and Android app. The PALS app is one of the classes greatest creations. Its sole goal is to benefit the mentally disadvantaged students of Point Boro and help them in school. Their greatest achievement so far has been the cabnit app which won at the Steam Tank competition in the spring of 2017 and was presented in the regionals in the fall of 2017. More recently the PALS buddy app has won a congressional award and the four students working on it will be moving on to regional finals shortly.


Name Project Manager Status Url
DAWN Caroline Shea, Joe Bobowski, Jackson Perry In Progess http://pointborohs.org/DAWN
Scheduling App Jackson Perry, Joe Bobowski, Bradley Prieser In Progess http://pointborohs.org/DSSR/homeN.php
SAM Eric Machnicki In Progess http://pointborohs.org/sam/main.htm
I.R.I.S Mikayla Mount In Progess http://pointborohs.org/iris/
Operation Education Chris Romanchak In Progess -----------------------------------
To Be Announce Maeve Mckeon, Jackson Tremblay, Maggie Tiroly In Progess -----------------------------------
Project J-RES Matt Pettinato, Tyler Svensson In Progess http://pointborohs.org/jres/


Name Project Manager Status Url
CoRecruit Alex Johnson Completed http://pointborohs.org/CoRecruit/
CollegeConnect Alex Johnson Completed http://pointborohs.org/CollegeConnect/
NHS Alex Johnson Completed http://pointborohs.org/NHS/
NAHS Ben Henderson Completed http://pointborohs.org/NAHS/
PALS Buddy App Theresa Cardone, Luke Boylan, Aidan Wittmann, Jaspret Kaur (Cong. App Award) Completed http://pointborohs.org/buddy/
PALS Recycle Maggie Tilory, Jackson Tremblay, & Maeve McKeon Completed http://pointborohs.org/recycle/
PALS Resume Builder Jackson Perry & Lucas Grebe Completed http://pointborohs.org/resume/
Police Explorers App Theresa Cardone Completed http://pointborohs.org/PoliceExplorers/
Cafe App Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/cafeAdmin/
School Suggestions Ryan Sansone In Progess -----------------------------------
Bridge Block Matthew Moran In Progess http://pointborohs.org/BridgeBlock/
Track and Field Website Jake Brzyski, Jarod Brzyski, Kevin Brue In Progess http://pointborohs.org/track/index.html
OC4 Gabriel Eaton, Andrew Dalelio, Ben Henderson, Jackson Perry In Progess http://pointborohs.org/oc4
Hallway Helper Brandon Cuevas, Gabriel Eaton In Progess http://pointborohs.org/hallwayhelper


Name Project Manager Status Url
Point Boro App Nick Gattuso, III, Mary McKeon, & Joe Skimmons Completed Download on itunes or android store!
PALS FIND Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_FIND/
PALS MONEY Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_Arcade
PALS HELP Sam Inneo & Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_HELP
PALS CUPS Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_Arcade
PALS Spelling Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_Arcade
PALS Numbers Many Different People Completed http://pointborohs.org/PALS_Arcade